Slick Froyo is a new startup that came to us with their branding problem. They had a great concept and product but still needed a catchy name, as well as their branding & marketing collateral. 

After spending some time with the client and understanding their vision for the company & product (along with their passion for dogs) we started out by coming up with a name that would both represent the playfulness of dogs as well as the product itself. And so, Slick Froyo was born and we started working on the logo, branding & marketing collateral.


Along with the branding materials, a marketing strategy was developed to establish this product and gain maximum exposure.

A social media campaign and supporting graphics were created to gain an audience of dog-lovers and potential customers.

A successful on-site product launch was done at a recent dog show to introduce the dog-community to the product and have them try out their flavours. 


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Brand Name & Development, Packaging, eCommerce Website, Social Media Content, Strategic Business insights, Marketing material